Ladade (shadyaquarius) wrote,

Ok- Still in MAT 095 course. Ends June 29th

Still working at Fashion Bug part-time

Start working tomorrow as an intern for the Journal Inquirer. Elaine Sabo has a story for me to work on about Rochambeau's March in town.

Have to take a co-op class in conjunction with the internship. I need 150 unpaid hours and a passing grade in the course to get the credit.

I'm wary of having to throw all this stuff at Elaine that she has to read and approve and sign. I didn't tell her anything about getting credit towards my degree with this when she talked to me. And it's from 10-2 on Thursdays and Fridays. Why did I do that?? My class doesn't get out technically until 9:55.
It's gonna be a bitch to rush to the JI straight from school. I'll have to get dressed all formally before I come to class, and it's hot as hell in the mornings and my AC sucks.

Not to mention I have to register for fall semester and figure out what I should take besides Quantitative Literacy so I have to talk to a counselor and then pray to sweet jesus my 2.19 gpa won't present a problem in being accepted, cause if it is, I'm fucked.
But happy thoughts..

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