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It was quite a long day at the JI. I hate it there. I sat in a chair so uncomfortable for 4 hours I felt like I had my fucking period afterwards cause of the backache. Elaine just sat me in front of the computer with a few papers on this General Rochambeau March parade crap and I tried to put together some stuff...... for four hours. She didn't even tell me whether or not I was writing a story or not. She said "read these over" and I did.. several times, cause it was still "deadline" for her and she gives me very little attention and guidance. She was on edge. A woman asked her something and she put her fingers to her temples and said "Can you just give me 5 seconds?"
I decided to just start writing like a brief on it anyways cause there was nothing else to do and then it became something I was supposed to be doing somehow...
We're so awkward around each other, I don't know if she cares for me that much. She asked if I brought along a sweater and I nicely told her no, that what I was wearing was kinda like one and she just paused and said "We'll see." Like she was pissed. I don't care for her all that much. She's very officey. Plump with a telephone voice and chatty, and she just looks like someone Mom would describe at March.
The day sucked because I woke up* at 7:30 am and didn't have time to eat any breakfast before class. Chris was late too though, so it was all good. I sort of rushed my exam cause like an idiot*** I said I'd come in Thursdays from 10-2. Math class doesn't get out until 9:55. What the fuck? I didnt think I was that stupid.
We had an exam and I don't think I did that well on it. I'm guessing 71.. I'd be pleased if it was in the 80's. I think there'll be a curve, cause I know I'm not the only one who got stuck. The 50-year old guy who always gets frustrated was sighing the whole time and then stormed out of class, and it didn't look like he even handed in his test first. Chris was looking at him when he left. That weird girl with the big chest and the crooked leg who always comes in late I know* couldn't have done that well, cause she's not there a lot and she was asking him a lot of questions. I asked if he had any extra pencils before we started (I was so prepared) And he scrunched up his face and shook his head. I never noticed how amazingly blue his eyes were. Or green, but they're very bright and they almost look like contacts, cause the rest of his complexion is dark brown like mine. I wanted to ask him a question (Which P do we solve for?) but my breath was too bad. Then I got lost taking the Woodbridge street to the JI (which of course it didn't lead to) So I had to turn around and start over from the Middle Tpk West intersection. I was afraid I'd be late so I didn't stop for something to eat. I went hungry from 7-2. Gawd. I hope it gets better there. I'm not crazy about the atmosphere, the pointless and boring work I'm doing so far.

However, she did say "Oh thats a good outfit" when I came in and said "I know you're eager to start" or something, probably cause I came in 15 mins early. I've got the internship stuff for her to read over and sign tomm. I hope she doesnt get irritated. If she's stiiiill on deadline forget it. Only 146 more hours to go.
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