Ladade (shadyaquarius) wrote,

Okay. Math ends Thursday. Co-op class starts Wednesday. We only meet 7 times, it ends in August, so no big deal at all. I just hope I don't have to complete 150 hours at the JI before the class is over.. that wouldn't be fair..
Anyway- I sort of like having a mess of things to do. Stuff scattered places, mental lists of chores, maybe writing stuff on my hand. It keeps me busy, and maybe after the flurry of obligations I finally won't have any more shit to do, with semester-sign-ups, isolated classes, scheduling and all that bull. I'll just cruise in Central for two solid years, and that will be my life... and work.
Right now it's the Math course M-Th 8-9:55, Co-op course W 4-6 for 6 weeks, still Fashion Bug part-time, JI Th/F 10-2.
I have to square up with dad as far as money goes, return crap at AJ Wright, deposit my paycheck (I still* feeling like I'm missing one...) Have dad attach my right blinker light, clean-sweep my room, talk to a counselor and sign up for Fall 2006, stop at the Antiques place and ask where Serene Scapes went cause mom let my 70 bucks go down the drain.
bla bla bla bla

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