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Just when you thought they couldn't get any weirder...

It seems I am constantly discovering new secrets, new pictures and tidbits of info on Rasputina when I'm convinced I know just about everything there is to know!

Melora just revealed in a recent interview after *11 years*, that Carpella Parvo was a fictious bandmember who never existed. She is credited in "Thanks for the Ether" for playing cello, and many people (including me) identified that name with the woman standing to the left of Melora inside the CD cover. That woman is actually Agnieszka Rybska, who IS credited in the Special Thanks section on the CD, I guess for appearing in the photoshoot, since she did not contribute musically to the album. (who knows why.)
Carpella's name was a play on "carpal tunnel syndrome" since Melora and Julia gave themselves carpal tunnel by playing the parts of the third-chair.

Melora's words were: "On the first record, Carpella Parvo. [Julia] Kent and I just made that up. Carpella was like carpal tunnel, because we gave ourselves carpal tunnel playing the other parts."

For years Carpella has been listed (and STILL is) under the Lost Souls section of their website as "The Mystery Girl. If anyone hears from her, let us know."!

Mel and Julia had us worrying about a missing person who was never even alive!

Leave it to Melora.
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